Assistant cider maker/ Small Batch Cider Lead (Wine Jobs: Vineyards & Cellars )

Full Time

  Petite Riviere Vineyards (

  Windsor, Nova Scotia

Assistant Cider Maker Responsibilities 

·         Sourcing raw materials
- Sourcing raw materials for the cider production process.

- Ensuring that the raw materials being used in the manufacturing process are of sufficient quality and deal with any shortages of raw materials.  

- You may work with farmers, wholesalers and other companies to source fruit and pressing services.

·         Product formulation and new product development
- Being able to follow and create very specific formulas for making ciders.

- Testing new blends of different juices. You will have to work with upper management and the cider house owner to make decisions about new products and the type of packaging that is being used for the product.

- Design and creation of unique Smith batch ciders.

·         Quality assurance throughout the cider making process
- The juice, fermented ciders, and final product will have to be tested during the production process to ensure that quality is maintained.

- Quality assurance can range from manually inspecting and tasting the cider, through to using scientific tests to examine very specific components within the cider.

·         Maintenance of Food Safe Systems and Quality Systems
- Maintaining very high standards of food safety is critical throughout the entire production process and one of the key responsibilities.

- Sanitation and hygiene must be monitored very closely on the cider production line. - You will have to ensure all staff maintain the highest levels of hygiene and that all equipment is thoroughly cleaned.


Working Conditions

Cider makers often have to work for long hours and may have unusual work hours. The working environment can be noisy, hot, smelly and humid. The operating environment can also be dangerous due to the moving machinery, forklifts and heavy objects involved.



There is no formal education requirement to become a cider maker and many people become a cider making by apprenticing in a cider house. However, there are a number of qualifications which can help someone interested in becoming a cider maker.

·         A science, wine making, food manufacturing, food science or management college degree can be useful

·         Food safety qualifications

·         Occupational Health & Safety qualifications


Work Experience

·         2-5 years of cider making experience
To demonstrate that you have a solid understanding of the cider production process

·         Experience in the food & drink industry
Experience working with food safety standards, tasting panels, manufacturing processes.

·         Seasonal demand/control experience in a manufacturing environment
Being able to deal with warehousing and production line aspects of cider making is essential.

·         Supervisory experience
You will usually have to manage other staff, so experience in a managerial position is useful.


Key Skills of a Cider Maker

·         Cider or wine making experience

·         Ability to manage staff

·         Passion and curiosity for everything relating to cider including manufacturing processes, cider styles, and cider flavours

·         Health & Safety knowledge

·         Excellent IT skills

·         Report writing and presentation skills

·         Well developed analytical thinking skills

·         Problem solving skills and self-confidence

·         Broad technical and mechanical knowledge

·         Solid under pressure

·         Attention to detail — required for monitoring ciders, managing inventory, keeping facilities clean, and controlling costs

·         High level organizational skills

·         Able to learn new skills and embrace technological innovation

·         Physical fitness and ability to lift heavy objects including tank lids and equipment


$40,000 to $60,000 yearly

How To Apply

Please attach a cover letter and resume.
Candidates with at least 2 years experience in wine or cider making only.

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